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Featured Artist: Fruit of Labor

A highlight of the power-packed program of the March 17 Fayetteville peace march and rally, The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble is the cultural arm of Black Workers for Justice.

For more than 20 years, Fruit of Labor has been organizing, writing songs and creating music from many ethnic groups of people and co-workers' struggles!

Their songs are a chronology of popular people's movements for social change . . . like "The Story of Shiloh", which talks about fighting corporate toxic terrorism in an African American community while surrounded by the popular Research Triangle Park, and "Organize, Organize, Organize" which reflects their support for bringing more international union resources to organize the South. Also, "Never Again", is an important song documenting the national tragedy of an industrial fire that killed 25 workers in a poultry plant in rural Hamlet, North Carolina in 1991. "Election Blues" is a bluesy tune that highlights the hypocrisy of the United States 2000-04 elections.

Through various musical forms including gospel, reggae, rhythm and blues, jazz, protest, folk, work songs, chants and many others, Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble has carried on our peoples struggle and working class tradition, history culture and legacy.

Fruit of Labor's latest recording (CD) of music, chants, and songs is "Weapons of Mass Construction." (More about Fruit of Labor at: http://www.fruitoflabor.org/ )

Fruit of Labor will be part of an "all-star" lineup at this year's Fayetteville rally. It will also include comedian Dave Lippman, bluesman Dan Speller, Holly Near, and more.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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