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Featured Artist: Holly Near

Singer Holly Near has been to Fayetteville before.

In 1971, she was part of the legendary FTA tour with Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda, and other stars, which presented militantly funny shows of antiwar songs and skits to wildly enthusiastic audiences of GIs and others near military bases around the US and across the Pacific.

The FTA tour drew a big and noisy crowd from Ft. Bragg when they performed at the GI coffeehouse downtown.

"FTA" by the way, stood for "Free The Army"-- among some other, less printable versions of the acronym. The tour was the basis for an early insurgent documentary film by the same name, which was briefly released, then suppressed by pressure from high places with the Nixon White House topping the list of suspects. (Where was YouTube when we needed it??)

Holly was a newcomer then, just emerging as a powerful artist and activist. She's a legend now, a pioneer of social activism and lesbian and women's music, as well as a veteran crusader for justice and peace. (More about Holly at: www.hollynear.com)

Holly will be back in Fayetteville on March 17, headlining the fourth annual peace march and rally there. She's eager to make a return visit to one of the nation's largest army posts, to be part of a growing and vocal movement to end the Iraq war a movement which now represents the sentiments of most US troops as well.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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