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The Fayetteville Peace Rally Committee

The Fayetteville Peace Rally Committee is a standalone group supported by Fayetteville Peace With Justice and other progressive groups in Fayetteville. We are a small but dedicated group of activists, some of whom have been doing this all our lives and some who just started with this war. Besides organizing major peace rallies on the anniversary of the start of the Iraqi invasion by the U.S., those of us who live in Fayetteville belong to many progressive groups. Many people in other parts of the state are active members of the Committee, and we are still seeking dedicated volunteers to join us.

Individuals include an architect, a stay-at-home Grandma raising her grandchildren, a receptionist at a pediatric clinic, a retired military vet, a writer, an elementary school teacher, a computer technician, a full-time peace activist, a real estate broker, a professor, an artist, an historian, a nurse, a Muslim community activist, a human resources manager, a senior in high school, an elementary school student, a mental health worker, a salesman, and a health department worker. All of us were galvanized by the threat of the invasion of Iraq and have been fighting to end the war ever since.

Meetings The Committee will meet about once a month until January when meetings will become more frequent. Out-of-towners are specifically encouraged to attend the December and January planning meetings.

For information about our meetings, send an email!