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Guidelines & Advice

(Please take A Few Moments
to Review Them.)

All of our annual peace rallies have been free of violence or property damage. Gathering in a military community, we take our motto seriously: "YES to the Troops, NO To the War."

For March 17, we have planned another peaceful and legal event. We have all the needed permits, and have maintained a cordial and open relationship with local authorities. The weather should be great, the park we're marching to is a fine place, and along with protest for peace we should have an upbeat, family-friendly atmosphere.

During the march, we will pass close by some private homes. Please stay out of the yards of these homes as you pass by. (There are a few property owners who have other than welcoming views about our presence.)

Because of security concerns, the Fayetteville police insist on bag searches of all persons entering the park.

We are advised that there will be a counter rally near the park, but we expect it to be peaceful. The police have assured us that they intend to protect the rights of all the groups, and keep the counter-rallies well apart from our gathering. (And, unofficially, we expect the counter groups to be relatively small; they always have been.) We urge all peace rally participants to avoid speaking with or responding to the counter protesters.

Some Things to Remember:

1. Our attitude as conveyed through words, symbols, and actions will be one of openness, friendliness, and respect toward all people we encounter, including police officers, soldiers, military families, and opponents.
2. We will refuse to return the assaults, verbal or physical, of any opponents.
3. We will refrain from insults and swearing.
4. We will protect opponents from insults or attack.
5. As members of the nonviolent demonstration, we will follow the directions of the designated coordinators. In the event of a serious disagreement, we will remove ourselves from the action.
6 We will not damage any property.
7. We will not bring or use any drugs or alcohol. (And please note the list below of items not allowed in the park.)
8. We will not run or use threatening motions.
9. We will carry no weapons.
10. We can expect to have a festive day while bearing a clear and forceful witness for an end to the Iraq war.

Items Not Allowed In the Park:

> Glass containers
> Any kind of weapons, including knives
> Signs and banners made of paper, posterboard or fabric are welcome, but metal or wooden rods, slats or sticks supporting signs are not. (The police feel they could be used as weapons.) Acceptable supports for signs are cardboard tubes, or PVC tubes less than 2 inches in diameter.
> No Fireworks or other pyrotechnics.
> No Pets

And Just In Case . . .
What To Do If Trouble Starts

1. Stay calm-be aware of your power to affect others. Assess what is needed in the situation and feel free to ask others for help.
2. Techniques to maintain nonviolence: Talking, singing, chanting in a calm voice, eye contact, listening, refusing to get into heated arguments, link hands, sit down, non-threatening body language, humor and common sense.
3. If you're with friends, stay together. Discuss possible responses ahead of time so you can respond quickly.
4. If one or two individuals are being loud or confrontational, talk with them, in a normal tone of voice.
5. If a small group becomes involved in a violent confrontation with police, move back, create a clear separation. Ask others to join you. Show that you don't support the violence.
6. Remember, it's okay to say how you feel about what's happening: e.g.: "Stop that" "We want to be nonviolent here." "This isn't useful."