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Peace Faire

An Exciting Email


The Peace Ribbon Project will be displayed in Rowan Park for the March 17 peace rally.

The Ribbon was first displayed in Rowan Park on March 19, 2005 and was praised for its emotional impact.

Since then the Ribbon has travelled around the country - Atlanta, NYC, Charlotte, NC, OK City, even City Hall in SF for three week display -- just returned from Hawaii being displayed at the main public library in Honolulu and at peace actions in Maui.
I am the originator and coordinator of the Ribbon and look forward to seeing all of you in Fayetteville. . . . I just wanted y'all to include the Peace Ribbon Project as a "sponsor" or however you want to list it in Fayetteville.

Since we were there before and had several panels contributed by locals in 2005, letting people know the Ribbon is returning may help our peace efforts.

Your peace pal, More About the Peace Ribbon Project here.
Jacque Betz
Waldo Florida