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More Speakers (Partial List)

Ann Wright: Read Ann Wright's New Column On Why She's Marching In Fayetteville.
As an army officer stationed at Fort Bragg in the 1980s, Ann Wright helped draw up contingency plans for invading Iraq -- plans which were completely discarded when the Iraq war started in 2003. Wright rose to the rank of colonel in the military, and later served as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. She resigned her post in March 2003, on the eve of the Iraq invasion, Since then she has been active in antiwar action, at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, facing arrest at the White House, and many other scenes of protest.
A quote from her letter of resignation: "I believe the Administration's policies are making the world a more dangerous, not a safer, place. I feel obligated morally and professionally to set out my very deep and firm concerns on these policies and to resign from government service as I cannot defend or implement them." Read her new column on why she's coming to Fayetteville to march for peace.

Michael McPhearson: As an officer in the 24th Mechanized Infantry Division, Michael served in Desert Storm. A native of Fayetteville NC, he is now the Executive Director of Veterans for Peace (VFP), and is returning to join the other veterans in speaking for an end to the iraaq war. Michael and VFP are also organizing a vets caravan which will leave Fayetteville after the rally, headed for the Gulf Coast to join in post-Katrina reconstruction work.

Ricky Clousing: After working as a street interrogator in Iraq with the 82d Airborne, Sgt. Ricky Clousing returned to Ft. Bragg haunted by questions about the morality of the war, and what he knew to be the falsehoods about WMDs and what was happening on the ground. After much soul-searching, he went AWOL rather than train others as interrogators. Returning more than a year later, Ricky faced a court martial and a jail sentence. He's out now, still speaking against the war he saw firsthand.

Rev. Cureton Johnson: Pastor of Fayetteville's First Baptist Church (Moore St.), Rev. Johnson brings an eloquent passion for justice to the community, and a stirring voice to our program.

Khodr Zaarour: Khodr M. Zaarour is currently an instructor of political science, international relations and history at Shaw University and serves as the director of political affairs for the Muslim-American Public Affairs Council (MAPAC). Mr. Zaarour holds graduate degrees in public and international relations, economics, political science and United States history and foreign policy. His experience is as a researcher and policy analyst at the National Defense University where he researched, analyzed, critiqued and evaluated U.S. intelligence and security material, coordinated, organized and moderated conferences and wrote articles and newsletters. His main area of interest is the U.S. political, economic, and security strategies in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

Maps & Directions

View Directions to Rowan Street Park. Here's a Google map to the assembly area.

How to get to Fayetteville from Nearby Cities:

If you take US 401 from Laurinburg: When you enter Fayetteville, stay on 401 Business (not the by-pass). This will be Raeford Road. After 1+ miles, turn right on to Robenson Street. Take Robeson 1+ miles to Hay Street.

From I-95: Take Exit 56 (I-95 Business), go about 5 miles. The second light is Person Street. Turn right on Person Street and take it to the Market House, which is in a traffic circle. Go around the circle to the second exit, which is Hay Street paved in brick.

Parking areas are listed on the March Route map.

Buses (partial list; watch for updates): On March 17 buses will leave from Durham and Chapel Hill to join thousands in Fayetteville-Fort Bragg to call for an end to wars and occupations. Buses will leave from University Mall in Chapel Hill at 8am on Saturday, March 17. Tickets are available at The Know Bookstore, Regulator Bookshop and Internationalist Books for $20.

Chapel Hill contact: awolfley@hotmail.com or 919-360-0706
Greensboro: please email UUCG Social Action Committee via Nick Divitci itechg@gmail.com
Asheville contact: Clare 828-285-0010; Ron 828-582-5180;
Email Ken Ashe: tville33@yahoo.com
Raleigh: The Unitarian church of Raleigh will be sponsoring a car pool from the UUFR parking lot for the March 17th event. We'll gather at 9:15 and leave at 9:30.

Peace Faire

An Exciting Email


The Peace Ribbon Project will be displayed in Rowan Park for the March 17 peace rally.

The Ribbon was first displayed in Rowan Park on March 19, 2005 and was praised for its emotional impact.

Since then the Ribbon has travelled around the country - Atlanta, NYC, Charlotte, NC, OK City, even City Hall in SF for three week display -- just returned from Hawaii being displayed at the main public library in Honolulu and at peace actions in Maui.
I am the originator and coordinator of the Ribbon and look forward to seeing all of you in Fayetteville. . . . I just wanted y'all to include the Peace Ribbon Project as a "sponsor" or however you want to list it in Fayetteville.

Since we were there before and had several panels contributed by locals in 2005, letting people know the Ribbon is returning may help our peace efforts.

Your peace pal, More About the Peace Ribbon Project here.
Jacque Betz
Waldo Florida

End the Iraq War Now!

NOW -- Photos from our outstanding peace rally.
Come to Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 17, 2007 for live music, rally, peace fair, and more! Featured artists include Holly Near, Fruit of Labor, Dave Lippman, and Dan Speller.

Featured speaker: Rev. Dr. William Barber II, state president, NAACP of NC. More on our dynamic list of speakers here.

Check out our program of peace rally events
for more information!

And Don't forget to check our Guidelines & Advice

For Directions and Maps, Click here and a Google Map is Here

Bus Information Here

And check out our Vendor information form.

Special Features:
Veterans For Peace Caravan for Katrina reconstruction

NEW: Retired Army Col. Ann Wright On
Why She Will March In Fayetteville

And The Return of the Amazing Code Pink
Peace Ribbon Project


The headline in the January 8 issue of "Army Times" was stark:

"About Face On The War. After Three Years of Support, Troops Sour on Iraq."

It's not the first such declaration. Almost a year ago, a Zogby poll published by the military paper "Stars & Stripes" reported that more than seventy per cent of the troops on the ground wanted the U.S. to be out of Iraq within a year. More than twenty per cent wanted to be out of there tomorrow.

This year, on March 17, when the annual peace march and rally take place in Fayetteville, we will gather in an atmosphere very different from that of earlier years.

On this fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, only a small and diminishing minority even of those in uniform believe that the war is anything but a travesty and a waste of our blood and treasure.

Yet these same troops and their families now face a stupid and cynical "surge," that is gambling their lives and the lives of their loved ones for nothing more than an effort by a twisted leadership to avoid facing the truth of the fiasco that their war has been.

More than a thousand active duty soldiers and sailors have signed an Appeal for Redress, asking Congress to end the war and bring them home.

It is difficult and dangerous for those in uniform to speak their opposition openly in public. On March 17, let's gather in Fayetteville to add our voices to their chorus: End this war Bring Us Home!

This will be the fourth time voices for peace have gathered in Fayetteville to demand an end to this immoral war. But on March 17, 2007, we won't be speaking TO the troops this time we'll be saying it WITH them.