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Welcome to Fayetteville!

Fayetteville is a small town with big dreams. Come on down in March for a significant event.


(Watch for Updates!)

Friday Night (March 16)
5PM: Hospitality Center opens at The Clarion Prince Charles Hotel 450 Hay St.

Saturday (March 17)
10AM: Pre-Rally Show at Health Dept. Parking Lot at 227 Fountainhead Lane

Noon: The March! (3/4-mile route -- map --up Hay Street to Rowan Park)

1PM-4PM: The Rally!
Featuring Holly Near, Fruit of Labor, Dan Speller, Dave Lippman, Speakers, Kids Program, Peace Fair & More!

Sunday (March 18)
Activists Conference (TBA)


Contact Us

General Inquiries:

fprcnow [at] aol [dot] com

P O Box 2127
Fayetteville, N.C. 28302

Media Inquiries:

Mia Austin-Scoggins

Media Director, 2007 Fayetteville Peace Rally
miaaustinscoggins@nc.rr.com (home)
mia.austin-scoggins@ncmail.net (workday)
919.812.6001 (mobile)
919.828.9010 (home)


The Fayetteville Peace Rally Committee

The Fayetteville Peace Rally Committee is a standalone group supported by Fayetteville Peace With Justice and other progressive groups in Fayetteville. We are a small but dedicated group of activists, some of whom have been doing this all our lives and some who just started with this war. Besides organizing major peace rallies on the anniversary of the start of the Iraqi invasion by the U.S., those of us who live in Fayetteville belong to many progressive groups. Many people in other parts of the state are active members of the Committee, and we are still seeking dedicated volunteers to join us.

Individuals include an architect, a stay-at-home Grandma raising her grandchildren, a receptionist at a pediatric clinic, a retired military vet, a writer, an elementary school teacher, a computer technician, a full-time peace activist, a real estate broker, a professor, an artist, an historian, a nurse, a Muslim community activist, a human resources manager, a senior in high school, an elementary school student, a mental health worker, a salesman, and a health department worker. All of us were galvanized by the threat of the invasion of Iraq and have been fighting to end the war ever since.

Meetings The Committee will meet about once a month until January when meetings will become more frequent. Out-of-towners are specifically encouraged to attend the December and January planning meetings.

For information about our meetings, send an email!


How We Got Started & What Keeps Us Going

  • The Prequel - February 15, 2003 - 12 million people around the world say "NO!" to war
  • The Beginning - January 2004 - Fayetteville selected
  • First Rally - March 20, 2004 - Our first Rally was amazing!
  • Second Rally - March 19, 2005 - Thousands of people in Rowan Park
    >Lots More about the 2005 rally here!
    >Watch a terrific Canadian film, "Fayetteville - Forward March to Peace" here!
  • Third Rally - March 18, 2006 - Keeps the spirit alive
    >Lots More about the 2006 rally here!
  • June 2006 - Fayetteville Peace Rally Committee is born!
  • Rally 2007!


Featured Artist: Holly Near

Singer Holly Near has been to Fayetteville before.

In 1971, she was part of the legendary FTA tour with Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda, and other stars, which presented militantly funny shows of antiwar songs and skits to wildly enthusiastic audiences of GIs and others near military bases around the US and across the Pacific.

The FTA tour drew a big and noisy crowd from Ft. Bragg when they performed at the GI coffeehouse downtown.

"FTA" by the way, stood for "Free The Army"-- among some other, less printable versions of the acronym. The tour was the basis for an early insurgent documentary film by the same name, which was briefly released, then suppressed by pressure from high places with the Nixon White House topping the list of suspects. (Where was YouTube when we needed it??)

Holly was a newcomer then, just emerging as a powerful artist and activist. She's a legend now, a pioneer of social activism and lesbian and women's music, as well as a veteran crusader for justice and peace. (More about Holly at: www.hollynear.com)

Holly will be back in Fayetteville on March 17, headlining the fourth annual peace march and rally there. She's eager to make a return visit to one of the nation's largest army posts, to be part of a growing and vocal movement to end the Iraq war a movement which now represents the sentiments of most US troops as well.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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Featured Artist: Fruit of Labor

A highlight of the power-packed program of the March 17 Fayetteville peace march and rally, The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble is the cultural arm of Black Workers for Justice.

For more than 20 years, Fruit of Labor has been organizing, writing songs and creating music from many ethnic groups of people and co-workers' struggles!

Their songs are a chronology of popular people's movements for social change . . . like "The Story of Shiloh", which talks about fighting corporate toxic terrorism in an African American community while surrounded by the popular Research Triangle Park, and "Organize, Organize, Organize" which reflects their support for bringing more international union resources to organize the South. Also, "Never Again", is an important song documenting the national tragedy of an industrial fire that killed 25 workers in a poultry plant in rural Hamlet, North Carolina in 1991. "Election Blues" is a bluesy tune that highlights the hypocrisy of the United States 2000-04 elections.

Through various musical forms including gospel, reggae, rhythm and blues, jazz, protest, folk, work songs, chants and many others, Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble has carried on our peoples struggle and working class tradition, history culture and legacy.

Fruit of Labor's latest recording (CD) of music, chants, and songs is "Weapons of Mass Construction." (More about Fruit of Labor at: http://www.fruitoflabor.org/ )

Fruit of Labor will be part of an "all-star" lineup at this year's Fayetteville rally. It will also include comedian Dave Lippman, bluesman Dan Speller, Holly Near, and more.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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Featured Artist: Dan Speller

Blues artist Dan Speller is more than a fine musician. He's also a twenty-year veteran of the 82d Airborne, Ft. Bragg's centerpiece unit. Dan is bringing this experience, and a lifelong love of music, to the Fayetteville peace rally on March 17.

Dan Speller was born in New York City, but as a teenager moved to the mountains of North Carolina. There he learned to play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Harp. He joined the Army in 1975 and volunteered for the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.

While in the Army he traveled the world and acquired musical tastes from many different countries and cultures.

Upon retiring from the military in 1996, Dan was able to commit all his time and energy into his music.

Dan Speller's music will open an "all-star" lineup at this year's Fayetteville rally. It will also include comedian Dave Lippman, Fruit of Labor, Holly Near, and more.

Visit Dan Speller's web site for more information.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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Featured Artist: Dave Lippman

Dave Lippman has been bringing his unique brand of standup comedy and sharply satirical songwriting to audiences all over the US, Europe, Australia, and Central America for 35 years. And he'll bring to Fayetteville for the March 17 peace rally.

Dave is the author of such "hits" as "I wonder Who's Kissinger Now," "The Sports Futility Vehicle Tango,"among many other tender, sensitive ballads. Dave's latest release is the tenth of his albums and CDs, the soothing "I Hate Wal-Mart." (More about Dave at: www.davelippman.com)

Dave's most memorable performing persona is his character George Shrub, the World's Only Known CIA Agent. As he introduces himself these days:
Hello friends, I'm George Shrubya
Representin' King George Dubya
He's got a mandate, he's feelin' his oats
He won the election by a hundred votes
OK.....he only won the electoral college
Well, at least he finally did well in college

Dave Lippman will be part of an "all-star" lineup at this year's Fayetteville rally. It will also include Fruit of Labor, Holly Near, and bluesman Dan Speller, and more.

All Together. All for Peace. All for Free.

Join us in Fayetteville on March 17.

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